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Petrol Stoves and Lamps

Petrol stove and lamp lanterns, highly portable quality duel fuel petrol substitute or petrol camping stoves and lamps. The camping stove and lamp lantern units can use either Coleman fuel or unleaded petrol allowing you to cook your food or have a lamp lantern light in the most remote of locations when camping and backpacking.

Sportster II 533 Petrol Camping Stove

was £74.99 now £64.99

Single burner petrol stove. Power up to 2500 watt. Accurate adjustable...

Coleman Powerhouse 2 Mantle Lantern..

Price: £119.99

Double mantle lamp. Adjustable brightness. Power up to 175 watt. Rugged...

Coleman Double Burner Stove

Price: £129.99

Powerful double burner stove. Power up to 4225 watt. Accurate adjustable...


Price: £1.00


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