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3 Way Gas Camping Fridges

3 way gas camping fridges - these portable outdoor use absorption refrigerator cool boxes run from 12 volts, mains and LPG propane or butane gas. All use the standard CampinGaz or Calor gas type regulated butane or propane gas bottles except the ACX 40G that runs from a standard CampinGaz CP250 / A4 or equivalent disposable gas canister. For a comparison of the different Combicool models please see: Dometic Combicool compare models:

Dometic Combicool RC1200 Camping Fridge

Price: £179.99

Dometic Combicool gas camping fridge. Uses very latest cooling...

Mestic MAC-40 Gas Camping Fridge

Price: £319.99

Mestic MAC-40 3 way gas camping fridge with 42 litre fridge storage...

Dometic Combicool ACX3 30 Portable Fridge

Price: £339.99

ACX 30 3 way gas camping fridge 12 volt car, mains electric or gas...

Dometic Combicool ACX3 40 Portable Fridge

Price: £349.99

Uses very latest cooling technology. 12 volt car 240 volt mains or gas...

Royal 3 Way Gas Camping Fridge

Price: £349.99

3 way gas camping fridge. Run from propane or butane gas 12 Volt or...

Dometic Combicool ACX3 40G Gas Cartridge..

Price: £379.99

12 volt car 240 volt mains or gas cartridge operation. 41 litre capacity...

Dometic Combicool ACX 40G Gas Cartridge..

Price: £389.99

12 volt car 240 volt mains or disposable gas cartridge operation. Strong...

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